Don’t Feed the Trolls: How to Navigate the New Terrain of Social Media and Academia

We all know that the internet, broadly speaking, is quick to generate and magnify controversy. At the same time, academics now regularly participate in social and digital platforms as well as online networks of communities around shared topics. What happens when these platforms, and the trolls who lurk on them, encourage harassment or doxing of academics and graduate students?

Rather than reanimate specific furor, this Humanities NOW conversation will examine this new and often inhospitable frontier where social media meets academia. Panelists will provide strategies for managing the fear around trolls. We’ll discuss the impact and risk facing women, people of color, and other minority communities. We ask, how might we better define and navigate the increasingly blurry space of public versus private, whether that be at a renowned research institution or in pursuit of other alternative career paths. We’ll also share resources to consult should you become the victim of these behaviors.

Join Communication Arts and other UW-Madison faculty Friday, March 26 at 12 pm for Don’t Feed the Trolls: How to Navigate the New Terrain of Social Media and Academia.

This live webinar will be moderated by Rob Asen, Professor of Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture, and include Comm Arts panelists Lori Lopez, Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies, and Robert Howard, Professor of Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture.


Image courtesy of Nathan Williams