Internship Credit

Comm Arts 614/615: Field Experience in Communication

This online undergraduate course, open to Comm Arts majors, accompanies field experiences supplementary to the academic study of communication. Field experiences or “internships” might include positions at local television or radio stations, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations or communication-related businesses.


  • Minimum hours: Fall/Spring semesters – 8 hours/week; Summer – 120 hours
  • Both paid and unpaid internships are eligible for the internship course
  • Students may not enroll for Comm Arts 614 and 615 during the same semester or summer
  • Comm Arts 615 cannot be a repetition or a continuation of Comm Arts 614
  • Comm Arts 614 and 615 are offered for one credit each
  • Summer interns will need to pay summer tuition for the credit
  • Students can’t transfer credit earned through another university or college for Comm Arts 614/615
  • Internship must be located in the United States

Once You Have Been Offered an Internship

Obtain a letter from your supervisor, on company letterhead and signed, that describes your responsibilities. The letter should also include your supervisor’s name and email address. Submit the letter to Mary Rossa, the internship credit coordinator, for approval:

Mary Rossa
Comm Arts Advisor

Deadline for Submitting Letter

  • Summer 2024: Monday, June 17, 12:00 pm*
  • Fall 2024: Tuesday, September 10, 12:00 pm*

Mary will authorize you to register for the course. *F-1 students, please see F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and plan accordingly. You’ll need to submit your letter earlier to meet CPT the deadlines.

Course Syllabus and Assignments

The syllabus and weekly assignments are posted on the Canvas course page.

Additional Information

Comm Arts 614 and Comm Arts 615 are one credit each. Students completing a second internship will register for CA 615. Contact one of the Comm Arts academic advisors if you have been asked to provide a letter verifying that you are eligible to enroll in an academic course with your internship experience. Towards the end of your internship, the department will send an evaluation form to the sponsoring institution.