Communication Arts Department and Alumni Summer Internship Fund

The Communication Arts Department and Alumni Summer Internship Fund helps Communication Arts majors participate in internships with businesses or non-profit organizations. The number of students receiving financial support varies from year to year. Students typically receive between $1500 and $5000. Applications are available, submitted, and reviewed in the spring.


  • Communication Arts major
  • Junior or senior standing
  • Participating in a summer internship with a business or non-profit organization. The internship must last a minimum of six weeks and require at least 20 hours per week for a minimum total of 120 hours of work.
  • Award recipients must enroll in classes for the upcoming Fall semester.

How to Apply

Students complete an online application via the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH). Applications are available and submitted in the spring. As part of the online application, students answer questions about their personal and professional goals, need for financial support, and anticipated expenses. They are also asked to upload proof of the internship offer, in the form of a letter from their supervisor, or specific details about pending internship applications (maximum of five) and a resume. In addition, applicants must identify a Communication Arts professor or instructor who will serve as a reference for them.

Preview of requested application materials:

  1. Personal statement:
    1. How will the internship help you attain your personal and professional goals?
    2. How would receiving a scholarship enable you to participate in this internship opportunity?
  2. Provide a breakdown of the anticipated expenses you will have during the summer of your internship. Please note this total can be less than $1500.
  3. Proof of internship:
    1. If you have already been accepted for an internship, please provide a letter from your supervisor, signed and on company letterhead, which confirms you have been offered an internship, describes the duties and responsibilities, identifies the time period and hours of the internship, and includes information about pay or stipend, if applicable. If you have a copy of the internship announcement with these details that you can upload, the letter from your supervisor only needs to confirm that you’ve been offered the internship position.
    2. If your application is still pending, provide a copy of the completed application and/or a description of the duties and responsibilities, the time period and hours of the internship, and the amount of pay or stipend provided. You may submit information for a maximum of five pending internships.
  4. Resume
  5. Identify a Communication Arts professor or staff member who will serve as a reference for you. Your recommender will be asked to answer a couple of questions. A letter is not required. Be sure to contact your recommender in advance of the deadline to request that they serve as a reference for you.

Decision date

The finalists will be notified in late April/early May. At that time, the finalists will need to provide proof that they have been accepted for a qualifying internship, if proof wasn’t submitted with the application.