Alumni Overview


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Can you help a current student with an internship? We rely on our network of alumni to help our majors get the experience that they need. Internships can take place either during the regular fall and spring semesters, or over the summer. We currently place about 80 students a year in internships, and would like to place even more. If you have an internship opportunity to share, please complete the internship announcement form found here. If you live on the West Coast, consider connecting with the alumni-led organization Hollywood Badgers.


We rely on the generosity of our alumni to help us maintain our programs and keep up the excellence of our research and the quality of our instruction. Alumni gifts support named professorships, help us update our labs with state of the art equipment, aid faculty in research, fund awards and scholarships for our students, and help support students doing unpaid internships. Visit our Giving page to learn about some of our major needs and giving opportunities. Your contributions can make a real difference, at whatever level you are able.