Alumni Survey

Communication Arts Alumni Survey Results at a Glance

In March, 2013, over 600 Communication Arts alumni who had completed an undergraduate degree through the University of Wisconsin-Madison responded to our alumni survey. Alumni who graduated in 1940s through 2012 participated.


We asked alumni to reflect on their experience as an undergraduate in Communication Arts. The responses demonstrated a high level of satisfaction with the quality of instruction and the breadth and depth of the curriculum in Comm Arts. Alumni also expressed satisfaction with their ability to get into courses, but were less satisfied with the quality of the facilities. 


In addition, we asked alumni to evaluate their Comm Arts education in terms of it helping them develop skills in oral and written communication, analysis, and critical thinking. Overall, they rated their undergraduate education as effective in mastering these skills. 


We also wanted to know the extent to which alumni apply the skills and knowledge gained from their Comm Arts courses in their work and daily lives. As illustrated in the charts below, alumni routinely apply what they learned from studying communication to their everyday lives. 


The Communication Arts Department would like to thank all the alumni who participated in the survey. Your responses help us as we assess the program and plan for the future.