Congratulations Communication Arts Graduates!

You’ve worked hard, played hard, and studied harder. You’ve completed a degree designed to give you critical thinking skills, as well as an understanding and appreciation of many different forms of human communication. It’s time to say goodbye to friends, faculty, and beautiful Vilas Hall, and go out into the world and make a difference.

Your degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison places you at the forefront of graduates around the world. We’re proud to have had you as Communication Arts majors, and we look forward to hearing about your accomplishments as you move forward. You join a Communication Arts alumni network more than 11,000 strong – a great group to stay connected with through tools such as Badger Bridge. Please keep in touch. If you haven’t already done so, join us on Facebook and LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter. Check out the Alumni pages on the Communication Arts website, and send us updates about your latest endeavors. We hope you’ll consider giving back to the department someday, as so many generous alumni have done. You can have a positive impact on future generations of Communication Arts majors.

On behalf of all our faculty and staff, Congratulations, class of 2017!

Michael A. Xenos, Communication Arts Partners Professor and Department Chair