Summer Term 2016 - Register Now!

This week, registration is officially open for Summer Term 2016 courses! Seniors, juniors, and sophomores can enroll now, and freshmen can enroll on Friday. 

Two students have a discussion outside in the summer sun. Photo by Bryce Richter/UW-Madison.

Photo by Bryce Richter/UW-Madison.

Taking summer courses is a great way to:

  • lighten your credit load
  • graduate faster 
  • get a particular class out of the way
  • fulfill requirements like Comm A or Comm B
  • learn a particular skill or skill set
  • enjoy beautiful summer Madison while receiving top-notch instruction

Communication Arts is offering thirteen courses to choose from this summer:

  • six in-class courses:
    • CA 200: Intro to Digital Communication
    • CA 345: Online Communication & Personal Relationships
    • CA 346: Critical Internet Studies
    • CA 347: Race, Ethnicity and Media
    • CA 357: History of Animated Film
    • CA 468: Producing for Internet TV and Video
  • seven online courses (great option if you won’t be in Madison this summer!):
    • CA 100: Intro to Speech Composition
    • CA 260: Communication and Human Behavior
    • CA 272: Intro to Interpersonal Communication
    • CA 371: Comm & Conflict Resolution
    • CA 575: Comm in Complex Organizations
    • CA 614: Field Experience in Communication
    • CA 615: Second Field Experience in Communication

To learn more about each class, visit or meet with our Comm Arts advisors to find the best summer course for you!