Summer Term 2016 – Register Now!

This week, registration is officially open for Summer Term 2016 courses! Seniors, juniors, and sophomores can enroll now, and freshmen can enroll on Friday.

Taking summer courses is a great way to:

  • lighten your credit load
  • graduate faster
  • get a particular class out of the way
  • fulfill requirements like Comm A or Comm B
  • learn a particular skill or skill set
  • enjoy beautiful summer Madison while receiving top-notch instruction

Communication Arts is offering thirteen courses to choose from this summer:

  • six in-class courses:
    • CA 200: Intro to Digital Communication
    • CA 345: Online Communication & Personal Relationships
    • CA 346: Critical Internet Studies
    • CA 347: Race, Ethnicity and Media
    • CA 357: History of Animated Film
    • CA 468: Producing for Internet TV and Video
  • seven online courses (great option if you won’t be in Madison this summer!):
    • CA 100: Intro to Speech Composition
    • CA 260: Communication and Human Behavior
    • CA 272: Intro to Interpersonal Communication
    • CA 371: Comm & Conflict Resolution
    • CA 575: Comm in Complex Organizations
    • CA 614: Field Experience in Communication
    • CA 615: Second Field Experience in Communication

To learn more about each class, visit or meet with our Comm Arts advisors to find the best summer course for you!

Photo by Bryce Richter/UW-Madison.