Andrew Bottomley Wins Award from the Broadcast Education Association

Published twice a year, the Journal of Radio & Audio Media (JRAM) aims to promote scholarly discussions concerning radio and other contemporary audio media. As part of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), the journal publishes articles from around the world. This year, the Radio and Audio Media Division of the BEA, in collaboration with the editor and editorial board of JRAM, has awarded our very own Andrew Bottomley for contributing what they deemed was the best paper of the 2015 publications. 

The award for Bottomley’s manuscript “Podcasting, Welcome to Night Vale, and the Revival of Radio Drama” marks the first time a JRAM paper has been honored by the division. Additionally, Bottomley has been invited to speak at the new Outstanding Article Panel, which the BEA will be adding to its 61st annual convention in Las Vegas this April.

When asked to comment on the award, Bottomley said, “It’s a tremendous honor to be the recipient of this prestigious award from the BEA. It was a pleasure working with Journal of Radio & Audio Media editor Phylis Johnson and all my colleagues on the ‘Podcasting: A Decade in the Life of a “New” Audio Medium’ symposium. To be singled out for my contribution to this issue is especially gratifying. I am really looking forward to the convention in Vegas and am eager to hear other media educators’ ideas for using my research in the classroom.” 

Congratulations, Andrew, on the well-deserved award!