Communication Arts Showcase Spring 2014

The Communication Arts Showcase is just a few short days away.

The showcase, which occurs at the end of each semester, is a selection of the best student work curated by the course instructors of CA 155, 355, 467, 522, and 659.

This semester will see two 30-min short films from the capstone course of Comm Arts production, CA 659: Advanced Motion Picture Production Workshop, which were shot on Canon C500 video cameras for the first time. The Canon C500s, which are professional-grade HD cameras, were acquired with a generous gift from George and Pamela Hamel, who are graduates of UW-Madison and the namesake of the Hamel Lab and editing suites in Vilas Hall. The gift also enabled the department to purchase new lights and monitors, and to install powerful new editing stations for Comm Arts production students. The continued support from the Hamel family has been pivotal in providing the best possible experience to our students, and our appreciation cannot be overstated.

The Spring 2014 Communication Arts Showcase will be held Saturday, May 10 at 7:00pm in 4070 Vilas Hall. The show is free and open to the public and is extremely well-attended, so come plenty early to ensure seats!

Photo credit: Billy Johnson.