Lea Jacobs Named Graduate School Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities

Lea Jacobs, a film professor in Communication Arts, has been named Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities in the Graduate School. As one of the associate deans, she will manage faculty and student issues in thirty-eight graduate programs of study, ranging from matters of research, to education, to administration.

Professor Jacobs has been a devoted teacher and researcher of film for many years. She teaches courses on advanced film analysis, the films of John Ford, and the history of animation, to name a few. She is currently working on a project entitled “Trapped in Time: Film Rhythm After Sound,” which involves the transition to sound in Hollywood. Her other research includes the history of the American studio system, film stylistics, performance, and silent cinema.

We know she will bring the same level of care, energy, and expertise to the multitude of graduate programs as she has to the film program in Communication Arts. Congratulations, Lea, you make us proud!