Mitch Weckerly: Investing in the Future

Between the classroom and the career lies the internship. An internship gives students the opportunity to shadow their prospective career path of choice, gaining industry connections and cultivating the exact skills needed to succeed. Undergraduate Mitch Weckerly found his internship on BuckyNet, a UW resource he recommends as an excellent place for students searching for summer internships or entry-level positions. Interested in the field of human resources, Weckerly now interns in the HR department at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board. 

His responsibilities include providing the HR team with recruitment and new-hire orientation assistance. “I get to witness the entire life cycle of each recruitment,” Weckerly explains, “while working with an extremely knowledgeable and incredibly supportive team each day.” Weckerly further immerses himself in the workplace through various projects, spanning from research to event planning. 

Throughout his internship, Weckerly’s Communication Arts education has helped him consistently place his best foot forward. “One of the most helpful things I learned in one of my first Comm Arts classes was the importance of listening to others. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many experienced professionals in the HR field who are willing to give me advice and teach me the skills I need,” he declares. 

As Mitch finishes his internship, search for your own opportunities using resources made available by Comm Arts and the University’s Career Services office. Follow Comm Arts on Twitter to hear about new opportunities, bookmark the Comm Arts internship page, or scan the internship sponsor list outside the Comm Arts advising offices. You can also register for BuckyNet. Or, talk to Comm Arts advisors about receiving credit for an internship you learn about through your own connections.