Comm Arts Plans Online Instruction

Communication Arts teaching will go online in summer 2014, thanks to the efforts of Professor Sara McKinnon and Dr. Sarah Jedd.  Both instructors won Distance Education Initiative grants from the Division of Continuing Studies/Summer Sessions to develop online versions of their highly successful introductory courses.

Prof. McKinnon’s CA 260, Communication and Human Behavior, is a writing-intensive course that provides a gateway into the major.  “Online classes provide students options and flexibility in completing their major,” Prof. McKinnon states. “A student could, quite feasibly, study abroad in China during the summer and still complete required courses toward the Communication Arts major. The goal is to give students a dynamic, interactive, yet rigorous learning experience.”

Dr. Jedd works with Prof. Stephen Lucas to run CA 100, Comm Arts’ massive public speaking course that provides more than 1000 students each year with their basic communication requirement.  Starting in summer 2014, at least four sections will be presented online, allowing incoming freshmen, transfer students, and those needing to fulfill Comm A requirements before graduation to access the course remotely. “I am thrilled to bring the kind of rich, discussion-based classroom experience that students enjoy in CA 100 to the online learning environment,” enthuses Dr. Jedd. “Online CA100 students will enjoy close working relationships with their peers and instructors as they navigate both public speaking and online learning. ”

“We’re excited by this opportunity to build out our online offerings and to learn from this experience,” said Department Chair Prof. Michele Hilmes.  “Our faculty’s advanced research in media and communication should be reflected in our instructional methods, and these courses will lead the way.”