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Communication Science



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Professor Lyn Van Swol

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  • Wednesday 10:00 –11:00am
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Expertise and Activities

I research information sharing in groups, utilization of advice, and deception in negotiations. All my research shares the theme of examining what factors are likely to increase acceptance of information during an interaction. My research on information sharing in group examines how people share information with each other in order to persuade and come to consensus in groups. I’m especially interested in the role of information members all know and share in common before having a group discussion. Talking about shared information helps create a common ground among group members. The problem is that by only talking about information that they share in common, groups fail to learn from each other and use the unique contributions of individual members. However, there are advantages to discussing shared information. My research has found that people respond positively to a group member who mentions information that others already know, and that people who hold a minority viewpoint in a group are more persuasive in the group when they frame their arguments with information already known by members of the majority opinion. I am also collaborating with several researchers to examine what factors can increase the utilization of advice. For example, some of my research examines utilization of advice in medical decision-making, and other current research examines how people respond to advice when they have asked for it versus when it is uninvited. Finally, I am completing a series of studies examining deception in monetary negotiations.


  • Ph.D. Social Psychology with minor in Quantitative Psychology, University of Illinois, 1999
  • M.A. Social Psychology, University of Illinois, 1995
  • B.A. Psychology, summa cum laude, Loyola University, 1993


  • Top four paper award in group communication, NCA, 2017
  • Top three paper in group communication, NCA, 2013
  • Dennis Gouran Research Award, NCA, 2007
  • Top three paper in group communication, NCA, 2006
  • Top three paper in group communication, NCA, 2005



  • 2013. “Combining information and judgments..” Judgment and Decision Making at Work., Dalal, & S. Highhouse SIOP book series:Routledge, Chapter 10.
  • 2007. “Social cognition in groups and negotiation.” Communication and Social Cognition, David Roskos-Ewoldsen and Jennifer Monahan.


  • CA 575 – Communication in Complex Organizations
  • CA 368 – Theory and Practice of Persuasion
  • CA760 – Theory in Communication Science


Curriculum Vitae