Shreya Singh

Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture

Teaching Assistant



6067 Vilas Hall

Shreya received her BA degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Calcutta and graduated with an Honors degree in 2016. Before beginning her graduate studies, she interned at a national newspaper, worked at an advertising agency, and dabbled in social media marketing. In 2021, Shreya graduated with an MA in Communication and Media from the University of Northern Iowa. Her MA thesis focused on a 1977 Indian textbook dispute to explore questions regarding postcolonial identity formation, constitutive rhetoric, and public argument. She is interested in studying Indian nationalism, transnational feminism, and neocolonial challenges, with the broader intention of questioning how communication theories developed in western communication studies discourse might be reconfigured, used, and/or challenged to account for the postcolonial rhetorical landscape.