Allison Prasch

Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture

Associate Professor


(608) 262-2095

6154 Vilas Hall


Current and Future Projects

  • Researching & teaching course on the rhetoric of the U.S. presidential election (Fall 2024)
  • Researching & writing a rhetorical history of the U.S. Capitol City (1789 – 1815), with specific emphasis on the relationship between race, place, and national identity
  • Ongoing study of U.S. presidential foreign policy rhetoric, with a particular focus on representations of space/place

Expertise and Activities

My research and teaching focuses on U.S. presidential rhetoric, political communication, foreign policy, space/place, and rhetorical history, theory, and criticism. In my first book, The World is Our Stage: The Global Rhetorical Presidency and the Cold War (University of Chicago Press, 2023), I examine how U.S. presidents used their rhetoric abroad as a persuasive strategy during the Cold War. Drawing on archival research from five presidential libraries, the Department of State, and the United States Information Agency and fieldwork in Europe, I show how five chief executives used their international tours—and, importantly, the widespread media coverage of such tours—as a way to extend the United States’ global influence, expand the reach of presidential power in foreign affairs, and bolster their own image at home and abroad. My current research considers how questions of race, place, geography, and identity shaped the early history of the U.S. capital city.


  • Ph.D. Communication Studies (Rhetoric), University of Minnesota, 2016
  • M.A. Communication Studies (Rhetoric), University of Minnesota, 2011




Book Chapters

  • 2019. “Reading the Presidency In Situ: Obama in Cuba and the Significance of Place in U.S. Presidential Public Address.” Reading the Presidency: Advances in Presidential Rhetoric, Stephen J. Heidt and Mary E. Stuckey, eds. New York: Peter Lang, 44-64.
  • 2018. “The Two Madam Secretaries: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elizabeth McCord, and Mimetic Representations of 21st Century Feminism.” Women, Feminism, and Pop Politics:From “Bitch” to “Badass” and Beyond, Karrin Vasby Anderson, ed. New York: Peter Lang, 223-244.

Selected Lectures, Media Appearances, & Public Scholarship


Fall 2024

  • CA 369 – Rhetoric of the US Presidential Election
  • CA 610 – Theoretical Advances in US Presidential Discourse

Previous Semesters

  • CA 610 – U.S. Presidential Rhetoric & Foreign Policy
  • CA 610 – Rhetoric of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
  • CA 610 – Rhetoric of the Cold War
  • CA 610 – Foreign Policy Rhetorics in a Global Era
  • CA 969 – Rhetorics of Race, Place, and National Identity
  • CA 969 – Rhetorical Historiography

Curriculum Vitae

Office Hours

  • Fall 2024 – TBD