Jason Kido Lopez

Media and Cultural Studies

Assistant Professor





6136 Vilas Hall

Professor Jason Lopez

Current and Future Projects

  • A project analyzing the cultural, institutional, economic, historical, and gaming relationships between sports, sports media, and sports games like fantasy sports, sports betting, and March Madness.
  • Ongoing research on the relationship between athlete expression/activism and sports leagues, with a focus on anti-racism in particular.

Expertise and Activities

My research examines sports media from a critical/cultural perspective. With my background in philosophy and experience teaching ethics courses, I am drawn to the many normative questions that arise in the contemporary sports media landscape. I’m particularly interested in how the genre expectations surrounding sports media allow for unique potentialities in the way that athletes, media industries, and games interact. This includes investigations into branding and athlete political expression like Colin Kaepernick’s. I am also currently working on a book manuscript that explores “games around games,” including fantasy sports, sports betting, and sports video games. From the golden age of horse racing and betting, to the fantasy boom of the nineties and aughts, to the contemporary legalization of sports wagering, the sports media industry has regularly used sports gaming to create interest and shape fan tastes. This project will look at how sports media companies currently and historically use the uncertainty of competitive outcomes to construct and profit from sports games, exploring the deep connections between sports, games around sports, and media.


  • Ph.D. Philosophy, Indiana University, 2011
  • B.A. Philosophy, Pomona College, 2004


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Other Invited Writing

  • Lopez, Jason Kido. (2021). “Sports Betting and the Branded Purity of the Olympics.” Olympic and Paralympic Analysis 2020: Mega Events, Media, and the Politics of Sport. https://olympicanalysis.org/section-4/sports-betting-and-the-branded-purity-of-the-olympics/
  • Lopez, Jason Kido. (2020). “Screwball and the Paradoxical Absurdity of Sports Scandals.” Docaloguehttps://docalogue.com/screwball/


  • CA347/CLS347 – Race, Ethnicity and Media
  • CA359 – Sports Media
  • CA375 – Ethics of Entertainment Media
  • CA608 – Sports Gaming