Mattie Jacobs


Teaching Assistant


2154 Vilas Hall

Matthew Jacobs

Mattie Jacobs is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He works within the intersecting fields of cognitive studies, rhetorical narrative theory, and film. His current project focuses on conversation depiction and how viewers develop a theory of mind for characters in movies. Previous projects looked at probability signaling and techniques of viewer cognitive priming and how excess is used as a narrative resource to focus attention.

Recent/Forthcoming Conference Presentations: 

2023 – SCSMI, “Talking at the Movies: Conversation Depiction, My Dinner with Andre, and Differentiating Dialogue”

2023 – SCMS, “Finished and Shelved: Studio Finances, Completion Bonds, and The Dynamics of What’s on the Chopping Block”

2023 – ISSN, “The Incomprehensible American: Disunity Motivated Excess in Wim Wenders’ The American Friend

2023 – Narrative and Materiality, “Everything is Serial Now: Changing Film Narratives During Production and Audience Co-Creation”

2022 – ISSN, “You Laugh or You Groan: Charting the Coincidental and Improbable in Narrative Cinema”

2022 – SCMS, “Second Avenue Histrionics,” Melodrama and the Yiddish Shund Film in the Popular Presses of the 1930s”

2022 – SCMS Videographic and Digital Humanities Seminar participant, video work created/presented: “Friendly American Excess: The American Friend and Cinematic Excess”


Student Research Grant, Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Funding – 2023

Helen K. Herman Memorial Fund Scholarship (Acknowledging graduate students who demonstrate academic ability, need, and participation in extra-curricular activities), 2023

Alan Nadel Prize for Graduate Student Presentation, Narrative 2022, Honorable Mention

Charles Chester Pearce Award in Rhetoric, Dept of Comm Arts, 2022, for research and presentation


  • M.A. Film Division, Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2022
  • B.A. The Film Studies Program, The Ohio State University, 2020


  • COM100/181 – Introduction to Public Speaking, Honors, 2020, 2021
  • COM355 – Introduction to Media Production, Spring, Fall 2022 – TA, Summer 2023 – Instructor
  • COM350 – Introduction to Film, Spring 2023 – TA