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  • Associate Professor
  • Media and Cultural Studies
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  • Tuesday 2:30 - 4 PM
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My research examines the media industries, looking specifically at how production and creativity operate as a site of cultural struggle across television, contemporary film, digital games, comics, and merchandising. I take a "production culture" approach that understands industry not just in economic terms, but also identities, meanings, values, and communities that emerge around media work. One key site of inquiry for me has been "media franchising", where licensing, spin-offs, and global formatting practices create uneasy creative relations and negotiations of unequal power among producers from multiple spaces and historical contexts of production. I have also worked to situate the identity work of media industries, entrepreneurs, and brands in relation to post-feminist and post-racial ideologies. My newest research considers the function of aged, classed, and gendered audiences within and in relation to professional production cultures, looking at the production of children's popular culture and examining moments of contact between adult producers and consumers of that cultural product. With my research and teaching extending to digital games, I am also affiliated with the Games, Learning, and Society research group on campus.


  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009
  • M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006
  • B.A. University of Southern California, 2001


  • Faculty Fellow , Academy of Television Arts & Sciences , 2011
  • Junior Faculty Summer Research Fellowship , University of North Texas , 2010
  • Research Initiation Grant , University of North Texas , 2009
  • University Dissertation Fellowship , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2008


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  • CA 351 - Introduction to Television
  • CA 540 - Television Genres (Science FIction)
  • CA 540 - Television Genres (Superhero TV and Cultural Power)
  • CA 547 - Digital Game Cultures
  • CA 557 - Contemporary Media Industries
  • CA 613 - Franchising in the Media Industries
  • CA 950 - Production Cultures
  • CA 950 - Cultural Studies of Kids' Media
  • CA 950 - Applying Cultural Theory
  • CA 950 - Culture Industries
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