Recent PhDs

Maryam Ahmadi (2023)

Semi-Colonial Rhetoric: Rhetorical Form at the Limits of the ‘Non-West
University of Georgia

Vipulya Chari (2023)

Imagining Digital India: Techno-Nationalism, Expertise, and Digital Development
City University of New York- Baruch College

Erin Gangstad (2023)

Of Mountain Air and Mineral Baths: Space, Place, and Rhetoric of Health and Medicine in 19th and 20th Century American Climatic Cure

Kelly Jensen (2023)

Positioned to Choose: Reckoning with Racial Privilege in Progressive White Parents’ School Choice Discourse
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Liam Randall (2022)

The Temporality of Carceral Education: Race, Disability, and Progress at Madison Metropolitan School District
North Central Michigan College

Amanda Friz (2020)

Sex as Assemblage: Women’s Sexuality, Medical Science, and Networked Discussions of Health
University of Washington

Kevin Musgrave (2019)

Creating the Corporate Person: Individualism in an Age of Corporate Capitalism
Southeast Missouri State University

KC Barry Councilor (2018)

Digesting Difference: Immigration, Race, and Assimilation in the U.S. Body Politic
Southern Connecticut State

Whitney Gent (2018)

The Rhetorical Circulation of the Housing First Model in the United States
University of Nebraska-Omaha

Kenneth Lythgoe (2018)

Not Just Any Port in a Storm: A Study of Global Gay Rights Rhetoric across Transnational Contexts
Madison College

Elizabeth Barr (2017)

Queer traces: counterpublic memories of scientific AIDS activism
NIH- Office of Research on Women’s Health

Olivia Conti (2017)

Advocacy on the electronic frontier: vernacular legal expertise in the discourse of digital rights
Twitch- Senior Product Manager

Andrew Peck (2017)

The memetic vernacular: everyday argument in the digital age
Miami University

Emily Sauter (2016)

A modern miracle: South African national identity and transnational discourses of democracy
Minnesota State University-Mankato

Ling Yang (2016)

Soong Mayling’s 1943 American speech tour: a study in the rhetoric of public diplomacy
Ginling College, China

Ashley Hinck (2015)

Fan-based Performances of Citizenship: Fandom, Public Engagement, and Politics
Xavier University

Casey Schmitt (2015)

The Hiker and the Trail: Rhetoric and Implacement in Designated Natural Areas
Gonzaga University

Kelly Jakes (2014)

Popular Music and Resistance in Occupied France, 1940-1944
College of Charleston

Jennie Keohane (2014)

The Ladies in Red: U.S. Citizenship, Feminism, and Communism during the Early Cold War
University of Maryland – Baltimore

Ryan Solomon (2012)

Sticks, Stones, and Other Supernatural Objects: Rhetoric, Ethics, and the AIDS Controversy in South Africa
Colgate University

Pamela Katherine Conners (2011)

The Purchase of Home: Ownership and Citizenship in the US Housing Policy Debates
Gustavus Adolphus College

Michelle Murray Yang (2011)

Cultural Obstruction and Transformative Possibilities: Western Media Coverage of US-Sino Relations during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
University of Maryland

Michelle LaVigne (2010)

Rhetorical Moves: A Study of Aesthetic Dance(s)
University of San Francisco