Recent PhDs

Amanda Friz (2020)

Sex as Assemblage: Women’s Sexuality, Medical Science, and Networked Discussions of Health
University of Washington

Kevin Musgrave (2019)

Creating the Corporate Person: Individualism in an Age of Corporate Capitalism
Southeast Missouri State University

KC Barry Councilor (2018)

Digesting Difference: Immigration, Race, and Assimilation in the U.S. Body Politic
Southern Connecticut State

Whitney Gent (2018)

The Rhetorical Circulation of the Housing First Model in the United States
Minnesota State University–Mankato

Kenneth Lythgoe (2018)

Not Just Any Port in a Storm: A Study of Global Gay Rights Rhetoric across Transnational Contexts

Elizabeth Barr (2017)

Queer traces: counterpublic memories of scientific AIDS activism
Towson University

Olivia Conti (2017)—Independent Scholar

Advocacy on the electronic frontier: vernacular legal expertise in the discourse of digital rights
Independent Scholar

Andrew Peck (2017)

The memetic vernacular: everyday argument in the digital age
Miami University

Emily Sauter (2016)

A modern miracle: South African national identity and transnational discourses of democracy
Minnesota State University-Mankato

Ling Yang (2016)

Soong Mayling’s 1943 American speech tour: a study in the rhetoric of public diplomacy
Ginling College, China

Ashley Hinck (2015)

Fan-based Performances of Citizenship: Fandom, Public Engagement, and Politics
Xavier University

Casey Schmitt (2015)

The Hiker and the Trail: Rhetoric and Implacement in Designated Natural Areas
Lakeland College

Kelly Jakes (2014)

Popular Music and Resistance in Occupied France, 1940-1944
Wayne State University

Jennie Keohane (2014)

The Ladies in Red: U.S. Citizenship, Feminism, and Communism during the Early Cold War
University of Maryland – Baltimore

Ryan Solomon (2012)

Sticks, Stones, and Other Supernatural Objects: Rhetoric, Ethics, and the AIDS Controversy in South Africa
Colgate University

Pamela Katherine Conners (2011)

The Purchase of Home: Ownership and Citizenship in the US Housing Policy Debates
Gustavus Adolphus College

Michelle Murray Yang (2011)

Cultural Obstruction and Transformative Possibilities: Western Media Coverage of US-Sino Relations during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
University of Maryland

Michelle LaVigne (2010)

Rhetorical Moves: A Study of Aesthetic Dance(s)
University of San Francisco