Recent PhDs

Maureen Mauk (2023)

The Grown-Ups in the Room: US Television Standards and Practices and Parental Controls from the Dial to the Digital

Laura Schumacher (2023)

How to Be a Feminist: Media, Gender, and Age in the Era of Instructional Feminism

Anthony Twarog (2023)

The How-To Screenwriting Industry: Reverse Encouragement, Gatekeeper Lore, and the Business of Professionalization

Lauren Wilks (2023)

“I’m Rooting for Everybody Black”: Black Feminine Resilience and Celebrity in US Media
Trinity University

Susan Noh (2022)

Global Media Streams: Cosmopolitan Streaming Platforms and the Contemporary Ecosystem of Anime Distribution
Oglethorpe University

Yizhou (Joe) Xu (2022)

Involution Nation: Passion, Place and Precarity in the Chinese Mobile Tech Industry
Old Dominion University

Jacob Mertens (2022)

Gaming the System: Digital Revisionism and the Video Game Console Industry
Manchester University

Wan-Jun Lu (2021)

Sites of Confluence: Curating Cosmopolitanism in the Digital Age
University of San Francisco

Nicholas Benson (2019)

Create, Reboot, Repeat: Franchise Management and Textual Evolution in the Cultural Industries
State University of New York at Oneonta

Caroline Leader (2019)

Branding the Disney Princess: Femininity, Family, and Franchising

Camilo Cesar Diaz Pino (2018)

At the Center of the Periphery: Remediating Anime to and through Mexico City
West Chester University

Christopher Cwynar (2017)

Waves of Renewal: English-Language North American Public Service Radio from Television to Mobile Media
Trent University

Taylor Miller (2017)

Syndicated Queerness: Television Talk Shows, Rerun Syndication, and the Serials of Norman Lear
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Anthony Tran (2017)

Digital Diasporic Cultures and Everyday Media: the Vietnamese diaspora in Vancouver, Canada
Boston College

Andrew Zolides (2017)

Cult of Personalities: the Influence Economy of Digital Culture
Xavier University

Andrew Bottomley (2016)

Internet Radio: A History of a Medium in Transition
State University of New York at Oneonta

Lindsay Hogan (2016)

Producing (Be)Tween Stars and Screens: Stardom and Youth Media Cultures
Boston College

Sarah Murray (2016)

Get Smarter: The Wearables, Carriables, and Shareables of Digital Self-Actualization
University of Michigan

Eleanor Patterson (2016)

Radio Redux: The Persistence of Soundwork in the Post-Network Era
Auburn University

Alyxandra Vesey (2016)

A Synchronous Process: Musicians’ Labor and Identity as Television Industry Practice
University of Alabama

Evan Elkins (2015)

Regional Lockout: Geographic Restrictions, Digital Entertainment Platforms, and Global Cultural Difference
Colorado State University

Kit Hughes (2015)

Corporate Channels: How American Business and Industry Made Television Useful
Colorado State University

Myles McNutt (2015)

Location, Relocation, Dislocation: Television’s Spatial Capital
Old Dominion University

Kim Bjarkman (2014)

‘Not The Cosby Show’: Comedy in the Age of Irony and Political Incorrectness

Kyra Hunting (2014)

Genre’s Disciplining Discourses: Cultural Difference and Contemporary Genre Television
University of Kentucky

Danny Kimball (2014)

Policies, Pipes, and Publics: The Politics of Net Neutrality Discourse and the Regulation of Internet Infrastructures
Goucher College

Dorinda Hartmann (2013)

Reach in and Touch Someone: Communication Technology and Cultural Fears of Sexual Predation
Library of Congress

Josh Jackson (2013)

Streaming Screens: YouTube and Redefining Cultural Production
University of California, Berkeley

Josh Shepperd (2013)

Electric Education: How the Media Reform Movement Built Public Broadcasting in the US, 1934-1952
University of Colorado, Boulder

Elizabeth Ellcessor (2012)

Access Ability: Policies, Practices, and Representations of Disability Online
University of Virginia

Germaine Halegoua (2012)

New Mediated Spaces and the Urban Environment
University of Michigan

Nick Marx (2012)

From Bits to Bytes: Sketch Comedy in the Multi-Channel and Digital Convergence Eras
Colorado State University

Sreya Mitra (2012)

Screening the Nation: Producing the Bollywood Star in Contemporary India
American University of Sharjah

Erin Copple Smith (2012)

Cross-Promotion at Cross Purposes: Media Conglomerates and the Logics of Synergy
Austin College