Program Overview

Program Structure

The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), a faculty member appointed by the department chair, oversees all aspects of the graduate program. The DGS chairs the Graduate Committee, which maintains the overall responsibility for the graduate program and curriculum. The Graduate Committee sets policy, determines admission to the graduate program, makes decisions about funding and fellowship nominations, approves Teaching Assistant (TAs) and Project Assistant (PAs) assignments, selects candidates for university and department awards, considers petitions and grievance cases, plans graduate recruitment activities, and more. The Graduate Committee is comprised of the DGS and four additional elected committee members, who are also faculty members, representing each of the four areas of graduate study in the department. The Graduate Coordinator attends committee meetings, providing information to the committee and working with the committee to implement policies and decisions.

The Graduate Coordinator (GC) is responsible for the administrative and procedural aspects of the graduate program. These responsibilities include overseeing the application process; maintaining student records; facilitating student requests for departmental travel funds for scholarly presentations; administering qualifying exams; submitting department-sponsored fellowship and award nominations; circulating departmental information about upcoming events, opportunities, and resources for graduate students; and more. The GC also serves as a resource for information about rules and procedures.

The Department Administrator (DA) is responsible for administering rules and procedures regarding the personnel, compensation, and benefits aspects of graduate residence and departmental financial support. These include filing initial employment forms for TAs, PAs, and lecturers; facilitating enrollment in health insurance and other benefits for TAs, PAs, and lecturers; processing reimbursements for funded travel by graduate students; and more.

Key Contacts

Director of Graduate Studies: Associate Professor Jeremy Morris (

Members of the Graduate Committee:

Professor Louise Mares (Communication Science;
Associate Professor Ben Singer (Film;
Associate Professor Lori Lopez (Media and Cultural Studies;
Associate Professor Sara McKinnon (Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture;

Graduate Coordinator: Daniel Feuer (

Department Administrator: Lynn Malone (