Academic Exception Petition

Academic Exceptions Policy

Academic exceptions are considered on an individual case by case basis and should not be considered a precedent. Deviations from normal progress are highly discouraged, but the program recognizes that there are in some cases extenuating academic and personal circumstances. Petitions for exceptions to the Satisfactory Progress Expectations (academic or conduct) shall be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies or the Graduate Coordinator. Depending on the circumstances, the Director of Graduate Studies or Graduate Coordinator may refer the petition to the full Graduate Committee. The following procedures apply to all petitions:

  1. The specific requirement/rule/expectation pertinent to the petition must be identified.
  2. The student’s academic advisor must provide written support for the petition.

More generally, the Director of Graduate Studies, in consultation with the student’s advisor and/or the Graduate Committee, may grant extensions to normal progress requirements for students who face circumstances (similar to tenure extensions) as noted in university regulations; this includes childbirth, adoption, significant responsibilities with respect to elder or dependent care obligations, disability or chronic illness, or circumstances beyond one’s personal control. Where warranted, the petition should provide good evidence of plans and ability to return to conformance with the standard and to acceptably complete the program. The normal extension will be one semester; anything beyond this will be granted only in the event of highly extraordinary circumstances.