Recent PhDs

Megan Boyd (2021)

Legitimizing Laughter: The Rise of Feature Comedy
Lawrence University

Maureen Rogers (2020)

Getting in on the Act: How Exploitation Cinema Remade the New Hollywood (and Vice Versa)
Shapiro & Raj

Jonah Horwitz (2019)

Live Television Drama and Its Cinematic Legacies
University of Pittsburgh

Nora Stone (2018)

Marketing the Real: The Creation of a Multilayered Market for Documentary Cinema
University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Brandon Colvin (2018)

Making It Real: Performance Styles and Contexts in Contemporary American Microbudget Cinema
University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Matt Connolly (2018)

Underground Exploiteer: John Waters and the Development of a Directorial Brand, 1964-1981
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Eric Dienstfrey (2018)

The Stereo Impulse: High Fidelity Cinema and the Making of Modern Surround Sound Aesthetics
University of Texas-Austin

Derek Long (2017)

Reprogramming the movies: distribution strategy and production planning in the early studio system, 1915-1924
University of Illinois

Chelsea McCracken (2017)

Riding the Gay New Wave into New Queer Cinema: revealing the contexts that created a movement
State University of New York, Oneonta

Jenny Oyallon-Koloski (2017)

An aesthetic of contradictions: Jacques Demy, Choreography, and the musical genre
University of Illinois

Booth Wilson (2017)

The most European cinema: Yakov Protazanov across borders, 1909-1930
Shenzhen University, China

Amanda McQueen (2016)

After “the Golden Age”: an industrial history of the Hollywood musical, 1955-1975

John Powers (2016)

Conjuror’s box: technology and aesthetics in postwar American avant-garde cinema
Washington University, St. Louis

Andrea Comiskey (2015)

The Sticks, the Nabes, and the Broadways: U.S. Film Distribution, 1935-1940
Franklin & Marshall College

Heather Heckman (2014)

Undervalued Stock: Eastman Color’s Innovation and Diffusion, 1900-1957
University of South Carolina

Mark Minett (2013)

Expanding the Standard Story: Rethinking “Early Altman” and the Elaboration of Classical Hollywood Storytelling
University of South Carolina

Maria Belodubrovskaya (2011)

Politically Incorrect: Filmmaking under Stalin and the Failure of Power
Department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago

Colin Burnett (2011)

The Invention of Robert Bresson: Style and Taste in the French Cultural Market for Quality Cinema, 1934–1959
Washington University in St. Louis

Billy Budd Vermillion (2011)

Art Cinema in Eastern Europe, 1956-1981
University of Illinois

Pearl Latteier (2010)

The Hollywood Social Problem Film, 1946-1959
Johnson Health Tech

Charlie Michael (2010)

French Blockbusters: Globalization, National Cinema and the Discourses of ‘Cultural Diversity’

Bradley Schauer (2010)

Science Fiction and the Exploitation Tradition in Hollywood, 1950-1986
University of Arizona

David Resha (2010)

The Cinema of Errol Morris
Birmingham-Southern College

Dissertation Theses Currently Under Preparation

Tim Brayton
The Illusion of Depth in Animation

Kait Fyfe
Weaving with a Finer Thread: Editing in the Era of Intensified Continuity

Casey Long
Linguistic Tools for the Analysis of Vocal Performance in Hollywood, 1931-1948

Erica Moulton
Hollywood’s Middlebrow Adaptations: Acquisition and Development of Popular Novels from 1930-1949

Matt St John
The American Festival System

Zach Zahos
Art House Film Distribution in the Digital Age: Selling Global Cinema and Classic Movies