Recent PhDs

Yuchi (Anthony) Chen (2023)

Beyond Good or Bad: Relationships Between Young Adults’ Social Media Self-presentation and Well-being
Postdoctoral Scholar, CERES, University of California at Irvine

Xinle Jia (2023)

Media Trust and Individuals’ Epistemic as Well as Social Engagement with News on Social Media
Fort Hays State University

Maura Snyder (2023)

Parental Mediation Advice: An Application of the Extended Parallel Process Model to American Parent’s Parental Mediation Behaviors
Canisius University

AnneMarie McClain (2022)

U.S. Black Parents’ Preferences and Choices of Media to Support Their Children
Williams College

Hangsan (Paul) Ahn (2022)

The Freedom to Explore Creative Ideas and Cognitive Dissonance under Major Reasoning Norms: An fNIRS study
Hope College

Sangwon Lee (2020)

Does Social Media Use Promote or Hinder Political Knowledge?: Providing an Overarching Framework and Testing Underlying Mechanisms.
New Mexico State University

Yang Liu (2020)

The Contestation Over Objectivity Between Professional and Citizen Journalists: Discourse, Practice and Content of the Coverage of Healthcare Reform and Gun Control Debate
Working for Facebook

Esther (Jihyun) Paik (2020)

Advisor Power and Its Impact on How Advice is Given: Comparison of Advisor Communication Behavior in Upward and Downward Advising Interactions
Texas Christian University

Alanna Peebles (2020)

The Effect of Advance Organizers for Educational TV Stories on Young Viewers’ Immediate & Delayed Learning Outcomes
San Diego State University

Irene (Sarmiento) Lawrence (2020)

Attachment Theory and Romantic Relationship Decision-Making: Perceptions and Implementation of Partner Advice
Belmont University

Larisa Doroshenko (2019)

Personalized communication, digital networks, and political participation: A comparison of political mobilizing strategies in Ukraine

Mina Choi (2018)

Media use for social sharing of emotion: Providing an overarching framework and testing underlying mechanisms
Kent State University

Miranda Kolb (2018)

The Role of Mindfulness Practice on Group Discussions, Decisions, and Member’s Perception of Information
2G Engineering

Andy Prahl (2018)

Mortal Versus Machine: Investigating Interpersonal Advice and Automated Advice
Nanyang Technological University, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information

James Bonus (2017)

The influence of exposure to scientific inaccuracies in children’s educational television on the science explanations of children and parents
The Ohio State University

Jonathan D’Angelo (2017)

Virtual choice architecture and online dating: the effects of choice overload, reversibility, and impermanence on online daters’ satisfaction and communication with selected partners
Edgewood College

Laura Stephenson (2017)

Watching and playing together: an examination of the relationship between family media time and parent-child relationships
Madison Community Organizer

Cassandra (Carlson) Hill (2016)

Emerging adult decision-making: perceptions and implementation of parental advice
Finlandia University

Valerie Kretz (2016)

Romantic relationships in movies and television: interpretations and effects
St. Norbert College

Jiawen Zheng (2016)

Deliberation with an open mind: rectifying biased perceptions in preparation for deliberation
Nanjing University

Gayathri Sivakumar (2014)

Effect of Online Health Information on Perceptions of Website Quality and Compliance Intentions
Colorado State University

Wenjie Yan (2014)

Entrapment of Egocentrism: Perception of Bias, Expectancy, and Deliberation Preparation
Zhejiang University

Michael Braun (2013)

Aging and Communication Channel Preference, Selection, and Outcome
Medical College of Wisconsin

Emily Acosta Lewis (2012)

The effects of privileged television shows on emerging adults’ materialism and future life expectations
Sonoma State University