Media Production Courses

Included below is a flowchart of the media production courses offered in Communication Arts. Students at UW-Madison are encouraged to enroll in production courses as soon as possible in order to take as many production courses as they can.

Tips for quick progression through the media production courses:

  1. Enroll in CA 155 during the first semester as an undergraduate student.
  2. With the CA 155 prerequisite fulfilled, enroll in CA 355 the following spring semester. Otherwise, CA 355 is available to sophomores. CA 355 is also a requirement for the Comm Arts major.
  3. After CA 355, the rest of the production courses are advanced and require an online application process. Instructors for editing, screenwriting, cinematography/sound, adaptation screenwriting, and advanced video production and direction select students based on their applications and previous coursework.
  4. CA 465, 466, 467, 609, and 651 all work together to make a comprehensive production program. Learning editing, screenwriting, cinematography, sound, and documentary filmmaking help students become better filmmakers and excel in the capstone course CA 659: Advanced Motion Picture Production Workshop.
  5. While all advanced production courses lead to CA 659, CA 467: Cinematography and Sound Recording is the prerequisite. CA 659 is only offered during spring semesters.
  6. With these steps in mind, it is possible for an undergraduate student starting production courses in her/his first semester at UW-Madison to take CA 659 during the spring semester of her/his sophomore year: CA 155 -> CA 355 -> CA 467 -> CA 659. Keep in mind that enrollment is limited in the advanced production courses, so gaining access is competitive.
CA 467 students film a scene during an in-class exercise.
CA 467 students film a scene during an in-class exercise.

Digital Cinema Production Courses Flowchart

Flowchart of the Digital Cinema Production courses at UW–Madison.