Inside Vilas Hall

On the 6th floor you will find the main offices, including the Chair, Undergraduate Advisor, Graduate Coordinator, and most faculty and TA offices. Also on the 6th floor are the Center for Communication Research and the offices of the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research. So are seminar room 6041 and the Ewbank conference room.

The 4th floor (South) houses most classrooms and some Comm Science labs. Room 4070, the Parliamentary room, is located in the middle of the 4th floor plaza.

On the 3rd floor are The Instructional Media Center, seminar room 3155 (the Mirisch Room), the Hamel Digital Lab, and most editing and post-production facilities.

Some TA offices are on the 2nd floor, in the NE corridor. The television production studios are on the 2nd floor, in the SW corner.