Contact Information

Department Contact Information

Communication Arts Department

6117 Vilas Hall
821 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Main Office/General, 608-262-2543

Fax: 608-262-9953

Instructional Media Center front desk: 608-263-6664

(International Callers: The United States Country Code is 1) 


Aerial photograph of Vilas Hall on a summer morning.


Department Administration 

Department Chair: Prof. Kelley Conway, kelley.conway@wisc.edu608-262-2543
Associate Chair: Prof. Lyn Van Swol,, 608-262-1947 
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Prof. Marie-Louise Mares,, 608-262-2543 
Director of Graduate Studies: Prof. Rob Asen,, 608-262-2543
Department Administrator: Linda Lucey,, 608-262-2544 
Undergraduate Advisor: Mary Rossa,, 608-262-0992 
Graduate Coordinator: Beth Horstmeier,, 608-262-3398 
Instructional Media Center Director: Erik Gunneson,, 608-263-4091 
CA 100 Administrator: Sarah Jedd,, 608-262-2543
IT Support: Pete Sengstock,, 608-263-2296 

Centers and Outreach

Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research (WCFTR)

Director: Prof. Jeff Smith,, 608-262-2543 
Assistant Director: Mary Huelsbeck,, 608-262-9706
Archivist: Amy Sloper,, 608-264-6466 

Center for Communication Research

Prof. Marie-Louise Mares,, 608-262-2543


Director of Programming: Jim Healy,, 608-263-9643