David Bordwell

  • Jacques Ledoux Professor of Film Studies, Emeritus
  • Film
Expertise and Activities: 

Although I retired in the summer of 2004, I retain an active engagement with the Film area. I retain an office in the building and participate in the weekly Film Colloquium. I'm a consultant with the Cinematheque and the Wisconsin Film Festival, and I occasionally give guest lectures in courses. I expect to hold office hours once a week when I'm in town. I'm available for advice about research projects and the areas of film studies I work in: American cinema, Asian cinema, stylistics, narrative theory, and cognitive film theory. I study films as works of art, treating them as designed to elicit effects from audiences and as exploring what the medium is capable of. I study Hollywood cinema, from the beginning to the present, as well as cinemas of Europe (especially Scandinavia) and Asia (especially Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan). I'm interested in the history of film, particularly film technology and technique. I also try to build theories of how people make sense of movies, especially theories with some grounding in empirical research in perception, story comprehension, and comparable domains (ie, "cognitive" theories). I try to bring into my research relevant studies in adjacent arts, particularly literature, music, and the visual arts. My wife, Kristin Thompson, is also a film researcher and quasi-professional Egyptologist.


  • Ph.D. University of Iowa, 1974
  • M.A. University of Iowa, 1971
  • B.A. SUNY Albany, 1969


  • Fellowship , NEH , 2000
  • Fellowship , American Council of LearnedSocieties , 2000
  • Fellowship , Guggenheim Foundation , 2000
  • Fellowship , Fulbright Foundation , 2000
  • Honorary doctorate , University of Copenhagen , 1997
  • Chancellor's Outstanding Teaching Award , University of Wisconsin - Madison , 1984


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