Opportunities for Giving

"Why I give to Comm Arts"

I had a wonderful career at UW and even served as chair of the department. I know the importance of providing the chair with a flexible fund so that he/she can be responsive to new opportunities for faculty and students.

Mary Anne Fitzpatrick
Dean at College of Arts & Sciences, University of South Carolina

Our individual giving allows people working in Communication Arts to enhance their efforts and benefit students. I have also come to realize that we can direct our gifts to initiatives that we personally deem most important.  Of course there is always a need for general help with things like scholarships, but it is a positive that our involvement and support is absolutely welcomed in Communication Arts. 

Steven J. Smith
Chairman and CEO of Journal Communications

I stumbled into the Communication Arts major during my junior year. I had taken a few classes as electives but hadn't considered the major until very late in my college career. I needed a major to graduate and it seemed that Comm Arts was my way out. I was certain that I'd figure out what I really wanted to do in graduate school.  

I was welcomed into the major during my very first semester. I built relationships with the faculty, graduate students, and fellow undergrads. I was given opportunities to serve as a research assistant for a major research project. I was given the opportunity to interview with a consulting firm that I have called home since I graduated. 

 The Department of Communication Arts created opportunities for me and now I want to help create opportunities for others. When I considered becoming a donor to the university, I intentionally designated Comm Arts as the recipient for my funds. I wanted to make a tangible difference and by directly giving to the department, I feel like I'm able to do just that. 

Carolynne J. Thomas
Management Consultant and Partner at CRA, Inc.
Comm Arts B.A. 2000

The Communication Arts Department has been a major part of my life since I moved to Madison in 1974 with my wife Betty to begin graduate studies.   I am indebted to the Department for the quality of graduate education I received, and I feel privileged to have the chance to teach in Communication Arts and thereby to come into contact with so many bright and engaging students every semester.

Betty and I are particularly interested in supporting graduate Teaching Assistants, and we direct some of our giving to that end. Communication Arts is fortunate to have superb TA's on the staff year in and year out, and they make a vital contribution to the quality of our undergraduate major.

Vance Kepley Jr.
Professor of Film, Department of Communication Arts
Comm Arts MA & PhD

I support the Communication Arts Department because as a graduate student its insightful courses, stellar faculty, and great staff helped me sharpen my visual creativity, and prepared me to lead and excel as a CEO and set the stage for my incredible success in an ever changing broadcasting, film, and media industry.

Jeff Clarke
Former President and CEO of Northern California Public Broadcasting
Comm Arts M.A.

I did a lot of “sifting” as a UW Comm Arts major.

I spent countless credit hours looking for the right fit for me: experimenting with film production, dabbling in theories of interpersonal communication, fiddling with critical reviews of classic Hollywood cinema, and exploring the nuances of small group communication.

Over the past 30 years, what I’ve “winnowed” from my Comm Arts degree isn’t so much the right “skill set” or the perfect “credentials.” For me the genuine treasure has been found in plentiful opportunities to apply lessons learned in Vilas Hall in the service of solving every day, real-world communication challenges.

I give faithfully to Comm Arts so that today’s communication scholars and tomorrow’s communication practitioners can continue to make a significant, positive impact in the world through communication. 

Scott M. Broetzmann
President & CEO, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting
Comm Arts 1982

Your Contribution

Your gift will make a difference in new Departmental initiatives: technological improvements, speakers, scholarships and awards, special events, and career mentoring. Thank you for your support of the Communication Arts Department. 

Make a Donation to Comm Arts Online

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Communication Arts Department using a secure server, please use the Communication Arts donation pages on the University of Wisconsin Foundation website. These pages can be found under the fund descriptions below:


Chair’s Discretionary Fund 

These funds enable the department, through its chair and executive faculty committee, to allocate funds where they are most needed: to support students traveling to a special event, to help recruit and retain the best faculty, to pay for that new digital editing suite, to help equip our classrooms, to keep up our media library, and a wide range of other activities. With state support declining, departments increasingly rely on such discretionary funds.


Communication Arts Internship Support Fund 

One of the most important experiences a Comm Arts undergraduate can have is an internship, to apply knowledge, build skills, and develop career opportunities. Your gifts to this fund help students to be able to take unpaid internships, often in distant places, that otherwise they could not afford.


Digital Studies Fund 

This fund supports courses designated as part of the rapidly growing Digital Studies Certificate, as well as faculty with critical expertise in this area. Contributions to this fund help maintain the department's leadership in this constantly evolving area. 


Nietzchka Keene Memorial Fund 

Named after Comm Arts professor and filmmaker Nietzchka Keene, who passed away in 2004. This fund helps support production projects and enables awards to be given for the best production work each year.


The UW Foundation accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Thank you for your donation! 

Make a Donation To Comm Arts By Mail

If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation by standard mail, please print and fill out the gift form available from the UW Foundation. Department of Communication Arts is already designated as the recipient of the donation. You can then mail your donation to the UW Foundation address provided on the form. (also listed below for your convenience).

Thank you for your support!

University of Wisconsin Foundation
US Bank Lockbox
PO Box 78807
Milwaukee, WI 53278-0807