by Michael Trevis on August 26, 2016
Jim Healy standing in front of his office bookshelf, which is full of books on cinema.

The UW-Madison Arts Institute annually grants six awards in a few categories including Arts Faculty Research, Arts Faculty an

by Michael Trevis on July 18, 2016
College students bike past Vilas Communication Hall.

Communication Arts is in the middle of a fundraising campaign. And thanks to a generous donor, all donations from now until July 31st will be doubled as part of the Comm Arts Match!

by Michael Trevis on June 17, 2016
Promotional image for the 2nd International Conference on Communication and the Public, depicting a woman looking at her smart phone.

Communication Arts Professor Jonathan Gray will be the keynot

by Michael Trevis on June 02, 2016
Professor emeritus David Bordwell sits amongst stacks of film reels.

Communication Arts professor emeritus David Bordwell is always busy.

by Sarah Jedd on May 09, 2016
The six finalists are pictured here with their instructors.  Front Row from left to right: Chaz Elliott, Sophie Martin, Emily Toboyek, Lauren Silber.  Back row from left to right: Nicolas Pavelic, Alex Harwood, John Doolin, Trace Palmer, Jonah Horwitz.

On the evening of April 26, the top 16 persuasive speakers enrolled in the fall semester of Communication Arts 100 competed in the CA 100 Speech Contest. 

by Michael Trevis on March 31, 2016
Two students have a discussion outside in the summer sun.

This week, registration is officially open for Summer Term 2016 courses! Seniors, juniors, and sophomores can enroll now, and freshmen can enroll on Friday. 

by Michael Trevis on March 24, 2016
Two dozen people with ties to UW-Madison pose for a picture during the Radio Preservation Task Force Conference.

If one wanted to know what a couple of dozen people with ties to UW-Madison Communication Arts were doing February 26-27, they’d need look no further than the Radio Preservation Task Force Conference. The conference, hosted at the Library of Congress and the University of Maryland, was titled “Save America’s Radio Heritage” and focused on the preservation of radio history.

by Michael Trevis on March 11, 2016

What do the films Silicon Cowboys (2016) and The Smart Studios Story (2016) have in common? Quite a lot, actually! For one, both are documentaries about start-ups in the early 1980s that had significant impacts in their respective industries before faltering in the 2000s. Secondly, the filmmakers are connected to UW-Madison and the Department of Communication Arts.

by Michael Trevis on March 01, 2016
A cartoon bear sits impatiently as it suffers through call-waiting.

We’ve all been there: sitting at home or at work, phone to our ear, listening to the third, fourth, or fifth loop of smooth jazz music play over t

by Michael Trevis on February 19, 2016
Andrew Bottomley portrait with Grainger building in the background.

Published twice a year, the Journal of Radio & Audio Media (JRAM) aims to promote scholarly discussions concerni