The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Intern (Spring 18)

This is a paid general production internship located in New York. 


Initial responsibilities include assisting the production department by going out on runs and using resourcefulness to locate various props, costumes and video footage for the show. They also support our studio production, accounting, field production, tape library, audience departments, as well as our control room and studio. They act as a liaison between the network and our show. Once the intern has gained the confidence of the staff, they are quickly assigned other tasks, including assisting on field shoots, sitting in on edit sessions and logging field tapes.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a general overview of how a live to tape news parody television show is produced on a daily basis.


Students work 3 days per week, at least 10 hour days.


This opportunity is for continuing UW Com Arts majors. All others should apply through Viacomm. Please note that Viacomm doesn't accept applications from recent graduates.

Paid Amount: 
Applying Instructions: 

Please email cover letter and resume as a single pdf file to Mary Rossa,

Address the cover letter to Camille Hebert, Coordinating Producer, Jessie Kanevsky, Production Coordinator, and Lisa Cortez, Assistant Production Coordinator.

The Com Arts Undergraduate Studies Committee will review the applications and forward the top 3 applications to the Daily Show for their consideration. The finalists will be notified that their applications have been forwarded to the show.


Tuesday, September 19th at noon

Mary Rossa