Brooke Hubsch

Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture

Teaching Assistant



6053 Vilas Hall

About Me

Brooke Hubsch is an MA student studying Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture in the Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a graduate student, her research is focused on the intersection of argumentation, ethics, and violence. Drawing on argumentation theory, she studies how the design of social platforms and organization of discursive spaces influence the ability of arguers to productively talk across difference. Her background studying fringe online communities has led her to investigate what obligations speakers have when talking with and about violent others and explore what methods are most appropriate for that engagement.

Research Interests

Argumentation; Rhetorical Criticism; Violence; Platform Moderation; Technological Affordances


B.S. Communication Studies and Political Science, Northeastern University, 2020

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant:

CA262 – Argumentation and Debate (Fall 2022)

CA260 – Communication and Human Behavior (Spring 2022)

CA100 – Introduction to Speech Composition (Fall 2021)


CA316 – Gender and Communication (Summer 2022)

CA373 – Intercultural Communication and Rhetoric (Summer 2022)

Selected Conference Presentations

“Sacrificial Vulnerability: Accepting the Violence of the Other in the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing” National Communication Association Conference, Philosophy of Communication Top Paper Session. New Orleans, LA. November 2022.

“Invitational Rhetoric: A Move Towards Persuasion, Not Beyond It” European Conference on Argumentation. Rome, Italy. September 2022.

“Incel Argumentation: Identifying Argument Schemes in Online Fringe Groups” ARGAGE: Argumentation and Linguistics. Neuchâtel, Switzerland. November 2021.

“One Cel, Two Cel, Blackcel, Truecel: Language Creation in the Incel Community” Eastern Communication Association Conference, Top Student Paper Panel. Virtual. March 2021.

“One Pill, Two Pill, Blackpill, Bluepill: Language Creation in the Incel Community” National Communication Association Conference, Top Student Paper Panel. Baltimore, MD. November 2019.