Research Centers

Communication Arts Research

The Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin supports cutting edge research in all fields of inquiry into human communication. Two prestigious research centers and one two-year project study affiliated with the department expand the opportunities for faculty, graduate students, and other scholars.


The Center for Communication Research (CCR) hosts public presentations, lectures, colloquia, and research projects that focus on communication strategies, education, and the promotion of dialogue.




Associated with the Wisconsin Historical Society, The Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research (WCFTR) is the home of one of the oldest and most extensive collections of print, audio/visual, and graphic materials relating to film, theater, radio and television in the United States. Working with the UW Cinematheque and the Wisconsin Film Festival, the Center also provides free screenings of rare and important films from around the world.



Research on Education, Deliberation, and Decision Making, or the REDD Project, is a two-year study drawing on the resources of the Department of Communication Arts and the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. REDD team members will track the deliberation and decision-making of three school districts in Wisconsin to analyze board meetings and interview policymakers and other stakeholders to understand the dynamics of education policy in these diverse local communities.

REDD team members are presently preparing article and book-length studies of these three districts.