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My research focuses on the industrial dimensions of culturally-marginalized media with particular emphasis on exploitation cinemas and low-budget production. I also work on animation and African-American cinema. My current research project, “From the Margins to the Mainstream: Exploitation Cinema and the New Hollywood” is concerned with the industrial history of exploitation cinema. Exploitation and Hollywood are typically viewed as two disparate areas of scholarly inquiry, but I argue that such industry developments of the 1970s as the MPAA rating system, economic recession, and blockbuster formula collapsed the boundaries between the mainstream and exploitation, knotting the two together in an interdependent relationship. Far from eradicated by the blockbuster film (e.g. Jaws, Star Wars) as is often said, exploitation companies survived harsh economic conditions by tailoring production, promotion, and distribution to the marginalized groups and taste cultures neglected by the major studios including female teenagers, black viewers, and rural subcultures. Indeed, this strategy formed the basis of the major exploitation cycles of the decade including the sexploitation film, the black action film, the hicksploitation film, and the slasher film. The exploitation market also forged the global economic strategies that would define Hollywood by 1980, including the pursuit of foreign, television, and home video ancillary markets. The main contribution of the work is to reassess the intersection of industry and audience in the hegemonic marketplace of 1970s Hollywood, highlighting the paradoxes of exploitation producers’ calculated (and often miscalculated) pandering to underrepresented viewing communities. In so doing, the project demonstrates the relevance of culturally-marginalized media including exploitation cinema to the emerging field of media industry studies and to wider debates surrounding the relationship between media producers and media consumers.


  • M.A. Film , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2012
  • B.A. English (Honors); Film Studies; French (3.8/4.0), Vanderbilt University, Summa Cum Laude , 2006


  • Chancellor's Fellowship , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2016
  • The Graduate School Research Award , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2016
  • SCMS Conference Student Travel Grant , Adult Film History Special Interest Group , 2016
  • Elliott Dissertation Scholarship, Elliott Endowed Scholarship Fund , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2015
  • PhD Preliminary Exams, Distinction/Honors, UW-Madison , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2014
  • Elizabeth Warner Risser Fellowship, Film , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2013
  • Pearce Award , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2012
  • McCarty Scholarship Award , University of Wisconsin-Madison , 2010
  • Mellon Wisconsin Summer Fellowship , 2017



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  • CA 100 - Introduction to Speech Composition
  • CA 350 - Introduction to Film Studies
  • CA 552 - American Cinema Since 1970
  • CA 357 - History of Animated Film
  • CA 355 - Introduction to Media Production (Spring 2017)