Marissa Fernholz

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  • Lecturer
  • Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture
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My research focuses on rhetorics of national security, counterterrorism, migration, and race in the 20th century United States.

My dissertation responds to the undertheorization of pre-9/11 national security discourse in rhetorical scholarship by attending to U.S. discourses of (counter)terrorism and national security in the 20th century. I argue that contemporary analysis of post-9/11 securitization will benefit greatly from richer historical contextualization and call for recognition of the post-WWII foundations of the national security state. Through a rhetorical analysis of rhetorical figures like the ‘terrorist,’ ‘freedom fighter,’ and ‘Black extremist’ in archives of 20th century texts, I seek to illustrate the co-constitution of discursive formations of national security, counterterrorism, race and ethnicity, and immigration in the U.S.


  • CA 100: Intro to Public Speaking
  • CA 260: Communication and Human Behavior
  • CA 262: Theory and Practice of Argumentation and Debate
  • CA 370: Great Speakers and Speeches
  • Inter-L&S 121: Approaches to Critical Thinking & Writing