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My research interests include screen acting, low- and micro-budget American independent cinema, minimalist films, cinematography, and film production pedagogy.

In addition to my scholarly activity, I am an active independent filmmaker. My first feature as writer/director/producer, FRAMES (2012), played at the Wisconsin Film Festival, Kanas International Film Festival, Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival, and Derby City Film Festival in 2012. It is available online through, where it was given the 2013 Best Feature award:

My second feature as writer/director/producer, SABBATICAL (2014), stars Robert Longstreet and screened at the 2014 Wisconsin Film Festival and 2014 New Orleans Film Festival, among several others. It is available digitally here: I also served as a producer on Robert Hillyer Barnett's feature TEARS OF GOD (2015). For more information on my filmmaking activity, please visit

I also program a campus screening series at UW-Madison, the Micro-Wave Cinema Series, highlighting the best new work from American micro-budget filmmakers. Each screening takes place on a Sunday @ 7:00 PM in Vilas Hall 4070; all screenings are free and open to the public. Skype or in-person Q & As with the filmmaker follow each screening. Learn more at


  • B.A. English (Creative Writing), Western Kentucky University, 2010
  • M.A. Film Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012
  • Ph.D. Film Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2017


  • Robert J. Wickhem Award for Excellence in Teaching Media Production , University of WIsconsin-Madison, Department of Communication Arts , 2012
  • Vance and Betty Kepley Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching , University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Communication Arts , 2015
  • Mellon-Wisconsin Summer Dissertation Fellowship , University of Wisconsin-Madison, Graduate School , 2016


  • 2013. "Examining Ethnic Exhibition: The Success of Scandinavian-Language Films at Chicago's Julian Theater in the 1930s." Film History , 25.3, pp. 90-125 .
  • 2015. "Cuing Deception through Performance in 1940s Hollywood Cinema." Projections , 9.2, pp. 1-19 .
  • 2016. "Explaining Varda's Lions Love: A European director responds to an American cultural marketplace." Studies in French Cinema , 16.1, pp. 19-31 .


  • Frames (2012) 90min. HD Video Color/Sound
  • Sabbatical (2014) 72min. HD Video Color/Sound


  • CA 100 - Introduction to Speech Composition
  • CA 350 - Introduction to Film
  • CA 355 - Introduction to Media Production
  • CA 467 - Cinematography and Sound Recording
  • CA 659 - Advanced Motion Picture Production Workshop