Feature Film Production Internship/PA Positions (Summer 2021)

Apply By: May 21, 2021
More Details: https://forms.commarts.wisc.edu/2021/04/30/feature-film-production-internship-pa-positions-summer-2021/


The award-winning producers of Service to Man and Invisible Landscapes Productions are looking for interns to work on their latest feature film, The Coming.

Directed by Com Arts Professor Aaron Greer, The Coming is a darkly comic thriller about psychiatrist Sam Allyn who has fallen from grace and is forced to scrounge for work at a crumbling psychiatric hospital. There he sees his salvation in curing the mysterious Patient X, whose behavior proves so inexplicable that Sam cannot be sure if she is something to be cured- or destroyed.

Principle photography will take place in Chicago during August, but internship positions are available for work on pre-production and post, including the possibility of remote work.

Interns will be assigned to a specific production area or department, with duties and positions assigned dependent on experience, availability, and interest.

Positions to include:

  • Camera PA – assist with camera, grip and electric gear, media management, etc.
  • Art PA – assist with props, set-dressing, wardrobe and/or hair and make-up.
  • Location PA – assist with location scouting, permitting, BTS photos or social media.
  • Production/Office PA – assist AD, Script Sup and UPM with production coordination.
  • Post PA – media management, syncing takes, sound FX, selects string-outs, etc.
  • Casting PA/Director’s Aid – assist with casting/auditions, script prep, pre-viz materials.


Requirements and qualifications:

  • Preference for film and media majors and students with production experience.
  • Available for 3 days a week for 3-months or 5-days a week for one month.
    • Note: students working in on-set roles must be available on site (in Chicago), 5 days a week, during the period of principle photography.
  •  Motivated, organized, punctual and mature.
  • Diversity is a core value of this production. BIPOC students are encouraged to apply.
  • Preference will be given to students receiving academic credit for the internship.


Additional Information:

  • We follow industry protocols regarding COVID-19, including a COVID-19 monitor on-set.
  • This is an unpaid internship. Production PAs will be included in meals and are eligible to have travel expenses/mileage reimbursed.


Application Deadline: Friday, May 21, 2021