Mauk Talk: Breaking into the TV Industry

February 16, 2018 1:30pm to 2:30pm
5055 Vilas Hall

A Q&A with Hayden Mauk, Producer & Director of The TRAVEL Channel's Bizarre Foods and The Zimmern List and Maureen Mauk, Communication Arts Media and Cultural Studies Ph.D. Student and television Standards & Practices Executive.

Hayden Mauk filming on location in the woods. Hayden Mauk is a veteran film and television producer with over 18 years of experience producing over 300 hours of primetime programming for ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.  Hayden's experience included competition reality (American Ninja Warrior/ Hell's Kitchen/ MasterChef/ American Idol), Docu-Follow (Undercover Boss/ Kitchen Nightmares/ Hotel Hell), Late Night and Day time talk (Jimmy Kimmel Live/ Friends with Benefits) and live shows (Knock Knock Live and Cook Along Live).  After 10 years working primarily network programming, Hayden moved over to cable to focus on Docu-follow storytelling.  Hayden has produced Top Gear USA, Full Throttle Saloon, Cesar 911, and most recently made the move to director for Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, and Travel Channels newest show The Zimmern List.  Combining a love of food, travel and his sense of adventure, Hayden has etched out a career as a visual unscripted storyteller where authenticity is key.  When not producing television you can find Hayden hanging out with his family, taking his kids fishing, playing ice hockey, practicing Muay Thai, or searching for his next adventure.

Maureen Mauk at the Emmys. Maureen Mauk is a doctoral student in the Communication Arts Department at University of Wisconsin-Madison focusing on Media & Cultural Studies. She carries a decade of experience serving in Los Angeles as a Television Standards & Practices executive and environmental activist. Her experience in the television arena includes work at FOX Broadcasting, Mattel, 20th Century Fox, NBC's "The Office," and other series including "Brothers & Sisters," "Scrubs" and "Malcolm in the Middle." Her research interests include the study of media policy and parental effects surrounding children’s media content and the use of social media for social and environmental betterment, particularly by young moms.